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Yoga Explained

A beginners guide to starting yoga at any age

Forget the fallacies that you are not flexible enough, thin enough, strong enough, or experienced enough for a yoga class. We have to start somewhere and that journey begins right here on the mat, together. Yoga is called a “practice” for that reason exactly. It is quite simply a journey. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a first time yogi, every time you step on your mat you will learn something new. The benefits of yoga are extraordinary and I cannot wait to share that experience with you. Do not be afraid, have the courage and try a class for yourself today. Start now.

Yoga Is A Way Of Life, and Living

Experience how relaxing and beneficial it is to embrace the lifestyle


Join us in discovering Yoga for All.

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Not sure if yoga is for you? – well, you may be surprised!
There is nothing mystical about yoga- it is simply the most relaxing form of exercise that anyone can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga with Nicole is great! I love any instructor who encourages you to listen to your body and gives options of levels. Nicole encourages the use of props and never expects the group to push themselves past their comfort level. We are there to strengthen, stretch, and respect our body’s while relaxing our minds. I love the use of essential oils to add to the relaxation. The oils are applied individually only to those who have given permission. They are not infused into the room. (if you are sensitive to scents it shouldn’t be an issue) The cost of classes, especially packages, are very reasonable and she is very flexible and takes the groups needs into account when scheduling. Overall Nicole runs a great program

Heather V.

It was a Great experience. The best yoga instructor ever.

Edwin C.

I enjoyed Nicole’s classes so much. Since I started my yoga experience with Sandra… I’m really picky about yoga instructors… (I wanted to try your classes because I know she’s an excellent instructor and would have excellent instructors there). You are awesome! And I told 2 young women who work at the place I get massages…. they’ve been wanting to try yoga so they looked up the studios website while I was there. I told them your class would be a good way to start!

Michele R.

I highly recommend Nicole’s classes! They have exceeded all of my expectations of what I am looking for in a yoga class. She provides a calming atmosphere for yoga that really allows you to focus on the moment and not worry about everything else going on in life. After a yoga session, you will feel refreshed and amazing! She is also extremely enthusiastic and brings a ton of energy to Pilates classes – you will work hard and feel great! Nicole is a FANTASTIC instructor – her classes are truly the best!!

Heather K.

I think it’s wonderful the way you specifically welcome beginners, Nicole. I’ve never taken a yoga class and would totally want to try yours, if I lived in CT! Keep offering your yoga love and people won’t be able to resist your invitation to start a beautiful new journey with you.

Shelley T.